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How much will the Maine Department of Environmental Protection be collecting under the total waste importation system that will be in effect when the West Old Town Landfill goes online? Under the legislative Resolve that enabled this abomination, the landfill deal was supposed to be "revenue neutral" to the State. All of the cash involved passed directly through the State as money laudry, from Casella to Georgia-Pacific. We now learn that the DEP has absolutely no incentive to limit out of state waste importations since they will receive fees on millions of tons per year that will be imported into Maine, sorted in Maine, burned in Maine, and landfilled in Maine. The laws are linked below. Please help us to figure out how much money is involved.
From the Maine Statutes:
2201. Maine Solid Waste Management Fund established
2202. Fees
2203-A. Waste handling fees
2204. Municipal solid waste disposal surcharge
2205. Fee payments
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