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Just Discovered! Report on Northeast Interstate Transport of C&D Wastes
We the People recently discovered a report prepared by state agency waste managers coverning interstate transport of construction and demolition debris (C&D) for all New England states plus New York and New Jersey. The report says that Maine has the worst record-keeping on transport of C&D, including no records on places of origin of this waste that is brought into the state from the rest of New England and beyond. Why is this? We remain the only state burning this material and wanting to burn more! Why was this not given to the Waste Task Force? Why have the DEP and SPO never informed the public or the legislature of this? For details, download the report (.doc format, 63 pages):
Interstate Flow of Construction & Demolition Waste Among the NEWMOA States in 2002 (issued Jan., 2005)

Upcoming Events -- Be There!

Prevent Burning Construction Debris at Old Town G-P Mill
Appeal of "Beneficial Use" License to be Heard by
Board of Environmental Protection
Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006
Augusta Civic Center

Time of hearing to be posted when available.

Thanks to All Who Came to Hampden and Augusta!

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