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Construction Debris Derived Fuel - Update on BEP Hearing
At a hearing held Jan. 19, 2006 at the Augusta Civic Center, Charles "Chuck" Leithiser's appeal of the DEP's "beneficial use" permit for construction and demolition debris derived fuel was heard and denied by the Board of Environmental Protection. In their order, the BEP states that the "proposed project will not pollute any water of the State, contaminate the ambient air, constitute a hazard to health or welfare, or create a nuisance, provided the licensee complies with all standard and special conditions." Thank you, Chuck, for carrying your appeal forward. There is still an opportunity for further appeal to Superior Court. Click here for Chuck's presentation to the BEP.

Out of State Waste - A "potentially explosive issue ..."
There should be no doubt that the State knew the minefield they were entering (and dragging the citizens along). In an early memo from the Governor's policy advisor (now Commissioner of the Dept. of Economic and Community Development) Jack Cashman to the head of Georgia Pacific Pete Correll, outlining options for the future of the West Old Town Landfill, Cashman wrote: "One potentially explosive issue involves the limited ability of the State to prohibit the importation of out-of-state waste destined for commercial landfills in Maine." (April 7, 2003) Of course, importation was part of Casella's strategy from the start, and the State continues to refuse to assert its actual authority to limit importation. For the whole memo, see Cashman to Correll Memo.

G-P's Correll to get $130 Million!!!
Not only was the State (Baldacci, Cashman, Dunlap, the Old Town Council, etc.) on its knees to service G-P ... now that the company has been bought by Koch Industries, its CEO Pete Correll (see memo from Cashman to Correll, as well as other documents about the State's giveaways at Dump Document Dispatch) will make $130 million from the deal! According to the Nov. 19, 2005 Wall Street Journal, "Georgia-Pacific Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive A.D. "Pete" Correll stands to receive stock-based compensation and other payments totaling about $130 million when the sale of the forest-products company to Koch Industries Inc. is completed. The 64-year-old Mr. Correll, chairman and CEO since 1993, was scheduled to retire in May and stood to exit with much of this money even without the $13.2 billion acquisition by Koch, a privately held company 80%-owned by brothers Charles and David Koch. But the deal has sweetened the send-off." Bon Voyage, Pete.

Just Discovered! Report on Northeast Interstate Transport of C&D Wastes
We the People recently discovered a report prepared by state agency waste managers coverning interstate transport of construction and demolition debris (C&D) for all New England states plus New York and New Jersey. The report says that Maine has the worst record-keeping on transport of C&D, including no records on places of origin of this waste that is brought into the state from the rest of New England and beyond. Why is this? We remain the only state burning this material and wanting to burn more! Why was this not given to the Waste Task Force? Why have the DEP and SPO never informed the public or the legislature of this? For details, download the report (.doc format, 63 pages):
Interstate Flow of Construction & Demolition Waste Among the NEWMOA States in 2002 (issued Jan., 2005)

Dumps in the News:

Speeding trash haulers
(Feb. 9, 2006)

Casella eyes fuel supply for GP facility
(Feb. 8, 2006)
For the first time, Casella admits that it plans a huge new construction and demolition debris sorting facility for Maine.

Stench Headed Your Way
(Jan. 28, 2006)

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