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Importing, Processing, Burning, Landfilling Debris for Fuel
Let's Aim for May 5 Submission to BEP!

Here Are the Rule Changes Adopted in LD 141
These are the Rules that the BEP wanted more study / public input before adopting:
...and memo from BEP staff analyst
why the Legislature made the Board's actions "moot"

LD 141, the Debris Waste Fuel bill
(Destination Maine: Garbageland USA)
has passed the Maine Legislature,
Bill Status LD 141

Debris Burning Bill Ok'd
Bangor Daily News, April 13, 2006
"House lawmakers on Wednesday gave preliminary approval, 116-28,
to a bill that forces the Board of Environmental Protection to adopt new rules
on burning construction and demolition debris."


Biomass Bill Protest Disrupts House
BDN, April 12, 2006
"Protesters disrupted floor debate in the House Tuesday evening
in an attempt to call attention to a bill that they argue silences public comment
on burning wooden debris in biomass boilers."

Just Posted! We The People's Public Statement on Statehouse Action

Read What the DEP Told Legislators about
the mill and boiler operations in Old Town!

Carbon Monoxide Non-Compliance, Engineering Errors, $2 Million Overhaul Required

We the People's Statement of Concerns for the Real Security Hearing
University of Maine, Saturday March 25, 2006

Read New Hampshire Gov. Lynch's State of the State Address
Keep toxic demolition debris fuels out of New Hampshire incinerators!

Read About Massachusetts Ban on Landfilling Construction and Demolition Debris
Goes into effect this year.

In the News:

Train, rig collide in Hampden
April 9, 2006
"My choice at that time was try to speed up and get out of its way or die," said Smith, who chose the former option and lived to tell about it." The train tore off the back end of the trailer full of demolition debris Smith was hauling from Warren to the Pine Tree Landfill, spilling trash onto the roadway and into the steep gully that runs along the tracks. The impact pushed the train's engine and first two cars off the track.

Maine Officials Face Off With Casella
April 8, 2006
"Last year, 56 percent of Pine Tree's total waste was categorized as construction and demolition debris, and 69.1 percent of that was imported from out-of-state sources. As a result, approximately 25 percent of the waste accepted by Pine Tree Landfill in 2005 was construction and demolition debris from other states, Littell confirmed Friday. As operator of the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town, Casella is required to provide the Georgia-Pacific Corp. mill with 100,000 tons of construction and demolition debris per year to fuel the mill's biomass boiler. In order to meet this demand, Meagher said Casella has sought customers from beyond state borders because there is not enough construction and demolition debris generated in Maine."

Task Force Offers Ideas for Trash Management
April 8, 2006
"We were put in a difficult position after the state purchased the West Old Town Landfill [Juniper Ridge Landfill]," Daigle said Friday.

Read WABI-TV News Report about the BEP, mill and boiler

Casella Knew The Jig Was Up!!
(April 4, 2006)

Casella Withdraws Expansion Application
(April 1, 2006 - No Fooling!)

"Lawmakers Revive Debris Guidelines"
(March 30, 2006)
Legislature Saves State From Environmental Board Run Amok!
(Chuck wants to be sure you all know we're being ironic, here)

Listen to Maine Things Considered newscast on CDD fuel,
Choose 3/28/06 Tuesday Broadcast
(March 28, 2006)

Portland Phoenix: Second Shutdown, The Politics of the Georgia Pacific Decision
(March 29, 2006)
"And on March 16 Baldacci’s high-flying jobs rhetoric slammed hard, possibly fatally into economic bedrock when G-P announced it was shutting down its mill and four wood-chipping plants, putting 450 people out of work."

BEP Wants Biomass Public Response
(March 18, 2006)
"Members of the Board of Environmental Protection want more comments from the public before they vote on new rules governing biomass boilers that burn wood waste."

Old Town Mill To Shut Down
(March 16, 2006)
We the People supports Old Town mill workers.
Where were the guarantees, when the mill was traded in for a dump?

G-P's Correll gets $130 Million!!!
Not only was the State (Baldacci, Cashman, Dunlap, the Old Town Council, etc.) on its knees to service G-P ... now that the company has been bought by Koch Industries, its CEO Pete Correll (see memo from Cashman to Correll, as well as other documents about the State's giveaways at Dump Document Dispatch) will make $130 million from the deal! According to the Nov. 19, 2005 Wall Street Journal, "Georgia-Pacific Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive A.D. "Pete" Correll stands to receive stock-based compensation and other payments totaling about $130 million when the sale of the forest-products company to Koch Industries Inc. is completed. The 64-year-old Mr. Correll, chairman and CEO since 1993, was scheduled to retire in May and stood to exit with much of this money even without the $13.2 billion acquisition by Koch, a privately held company 80%-owned by brothers Charles and David Koch. But the deal has sweetened the send-off." Bon Voyage, Pete.

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We The People received Toxics Action Center's
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