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Click Here For Aerial View of Old Town Region
Shows how close the debris burner will be to the campus, 1.7 miles from Hilltop.

Editorial In Today's BDN (Nov. 3)
"Other People's Trash"

Article In Today's BDN (Nov. 3)
(Again, a scan, this is not on their online edition ...)
"Shortcomings in new solid waste law prompt examination of state policies"

Just In, Fri. Nov. 3:
Immediate Attention / Action
Needed Now!
Due Today: Public Comments on the draft order, permitting a CDD processing facility owned by Casella in Westbrook. The public comment period on the application is over -- a draft order (license amendment) will be signed following public comment period today. For a pdf version of the draft order, click HERE. For instructions on how to submit comments, click HERE. This facility will be licenses to accept 1000 tons per day CDD for processing. This equals 360,000 tons per year, or 40,000 tons more than the entire amount estimated to be generated in Maine each year. This also is exactly the kind of facility that the citizens petition now before the Blue Ribbon Commission was aimed to stop at least for a year. This is a major step in Casella's strategy of making Maine the dumping and burning ground for New England's waste. There is a story about this today in the BDN but it is not in their online edition.

Just In, Weds. Nov. 1:
Anyone who still wants to comment should submit by FAX, email or hand to the DEP now!
We The People learned Weds. from EPA staff in Boston (who contacted Marc Cone of Maine DEP regarding adequacy of the DEP's public involvement process) that public comments can be submitted for inclusion in the official record right until the licenses are approved!
(Did the Commissioner say this at the meeting in Orono -- we might have missed it, need to check the DVD of the meeting.)
also to link to the license applications.

In case you missed the story, and can't find it on the Internet ... It's great that the BDN and Channel 7 covered the student rally at the Bangor DEP the day public comments were due and 20 student letters asking "why" were submitted ... but apparently this wasn't newsworthy enough to put into the BDN's online edition.
Click HERE for a scan of the story.

Thanks to All Who Attended
Orono Council Meets the DEP Weds. 10/25
DEP "Answers Orono's Questions"
See story in Bangor Daily News

Read How Maine's Trash Rules Are Being Hijacked

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